Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Anti-aircraft missile fire targeted an IDF surveillance drone over southern Lebanon today. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit claimed the drone was not hit, while a security source from Lebanon claimed it was indeed shot down. Local witnesses and video footage provided testimony and evidence of an explosion and smoke in the sky. The IDF routinely patrols Lebanese airspace and said this drone was following routine surveillance procedures. This incident follows Hezbollah’s announcement on Monday that it had destroyed an IDF quadcopter found in Lebanese airspace just west of the Golan Heights, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Lebanon spots Israeli aircraft weekly, sometimes daily, in its airspace. An alleged Israeli airstrike killed a Hezbollah terrorist in Damascus last July, leading the IDF to prepare for a retaliatory attack at any moment. Iran pursues the same goal as these terrorist groups in Lebanon—the destruction of Israel—and it has reportedly attempted to target Israeli embassies recently, including a notable explosion just outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi last week carried out by a terror organization called Jaish-ul-Hind, a possible proxy for Iran.

There’s an incredibly palpable tension between the IDF and terrorist groups operating in Lebanon that anytime something like this happens, it feels like a battle is imminent. While Israel’s recent peace deals are encouraging, we know true, lasting peace will never come to Israel in this present age. Their enemies are too numerous and too powerful for Israel not to defend itself. While we wait for the completion of God’s plan, we still pray for Israel’s safety from a host of aggressors.