“From BOTH Sides?!”

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan used those words to express outrage and consternation at the international community’s call for ‘both sides’ in light of recent unrest in Jerusalem. This prior to a monthly Security Council meeting on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. He explains his view, “Israel should not be placed on the same level as ‘bloodthirsty terrorists.’ From both sides?! Who are the sides?! On the one side we have bloodthirsty terrorists, calling to murder Jews, carrying weapons into their places of worship, throwing rocks and firebombs from their mosque windows, and shooting firecrackers from within their holy sites.”

He contrasts these with Israel, “On the other side we have a law abiding democracy, which ensures the freedom of worship for all, is committed to protecting their holy sites, and shows respect and restraint before using minimal force only when necessary to protect others.”

To reinforce and prove his comments, he showed “footage of Palestinians hurling rocks and shooting toward Israeli police at the Temple Mount over the past week and a half.”

His point is well taken, don’t call the responders to cease their actions, but the perpetrators, those who initiated the violence, to cease the violence. But the UN would have to side with Israel and that they could never do.

(Source: The Times of Israel)