Gantz Quarantined, Health Ministry Director Resigns

The second wave of the coronavirus rages on in Israel, as yesterday marked a single-day record high in new cases—1,320. Rather than imposing a national lockdown, Israel has so far focused its efforts on hotspots with curfews and other safety precautions. But public gatherings and transportation methods across the country have experienced tighter restrictions in the past couple weeks.

Israel’s virus resurgence led to the resignation of Professor Siegal Sadetzki, head of public health services at the Ministry of Health. She said Israel ignored her warnings about opening the country too quickly in recent weeks, so she’s left her position as a result.

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz began his quarantine this morning after contacting someone who had been carrying the virus and then became infected on Sunday. Gantz remains in good condition and will carry on his duties while under quarantine. 

Times are tough for Israel in this crisis. While we pray for Israel to overcome this virus quickly as a whole, we also now have an example of how destructive it can still be even after a period of isolation. One thing we can all agree on: We all want this virus to be a thing of the past! Let’s continue to pray the Lord brings about a quicker end to this pandemic.