Going Deeper

Iran is building an underground nuclear facility near the Natanz nuclear facility. It seeks to go deeper than the US bunker buster bombs could reach, according to experts “between 260 feet and 328 feet.”

Bunker buster bombs, GBU-57, the Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb, can only be released from B-2 Stealth bombers.

Iran appears to be close to the nuclear threshold of ninety percent of weapons grade levels. “Since the demise of the nuclear accord, Iran has said that it is enriching uranium up to 60%, though inspectors recently discovered the country had produced uranium particles that were 83.7% pure. That is a short step from reaching the 90% threshold of weapons grade uranium.” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and US President Biden have both stated they would not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

The building of the underground nuclear facility raises deep concerns for a potential war between Iran and Israel.

(Source: The Times of Israel)