As in every election change, new faces appear. However, Yamina Party electee Shirley Pinto comes into the Knesset from a unique perspective, as Pinto herself is hearing impaired. She becomes the first deaf Knesset member for Yamina, the party of newly sworn in party chief, Naftali Bennett. She replaces Matan Kahana.

She tweeted to her followers, “I promise to do everything in order to be your faithful messenger.” She also represents Yamina in the World Zionist Congress. She will be sworn into the Knesset within 48 hours.

Her coming into office brings a bold, fresh voice to the Knesset, one with a history of championing the rights of the hearing impaired and others with disabilities. She will provide both a fresh voice and fresh perspective in the new Knesset.

(Source: The Times of Israel)