Halting the Spread of Coronavirus in Israel

To halt the spread of the coronavirus domestically, Israel has instructed its people not to go to parks, playgrounds, the beach, pools, libraries, museums, or other public places.

It has also banned gatherings of over 10 people, including religious purposes, and it’s required those participating in any activity to maintain a distance of at least six feet.

Finally, the Israeli government has called on the public not to leave home unless necessary. Currently, police are not enforcing these instructions, but the public is expected to obey them. The government has instructed law enforcement bodies to prepare for the option of an eventual full lock down.

Unlike most countries, Israel is extremely small. It’s only the size of New Jersey. Israeli people are very social people. They talk to one another, they embrace one another. They’re very excited people and so it’s very difficult for them, I’m sure, to remain in isolation during this time. But the coronavirus could spread very quickly in Israel if the government doesn’t act swiftly. So my friends, please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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