Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some Reasons for Thanksgiving from Israel this Thanksgiving Week:

“Shin Bet: Forces Thwart Major Hamas Terror Plans, Nab More Than 50 Cell Members.” The West Bank cell planned bombings, terrorist attacks, and kidnappings. The arrests came a day after the Eli Kay killing in the Old City.

“Israel, Jordan Sign Huge UAE Brokered Deal to Swap Solar Energy and Water.” UAE firm to build plant in Jordan from which Israel will buy electricity. In turn, Israel will send water from their desalination plant to Jordan.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett greets Mordy and Natalie Oknin, imprisoned Israeli couple, released from Turkey after being charged with espionage; “I’m So Happy To see You!” ‘Bennett says he was ‘very moved by their prayers.’

“Young Peace Activists Promote Abraham Accords in California.” ‘Sharaka delegation from UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Israel finds US audience long on hope and short on information.’ The delegation represented a new spirit and transformation.

These reports offer hope, relief, joy, and progress. Good reasons to give thanks to God from Israel. Happy Thanksgiving!

(Source: The Times of Israel)