Heat Wave!

The Israeli Meteorological Service (IMS) forecasts record high temperatures in Israel for the next six days, issuing a Heatwave Warning for the entire country on Saturday that lasts a week. These temperatures will affect Israel both day and night. Along with high heat threats, as temperatures will soar into the 100’s, “in some regions fire index warnings were issued for Sunday, stressing that low humidity levels, high temperatures, and strong winds would lead to a heightened risk of fires.” If temperatures remain as forecast, then this would be the first time that temperatures over 100 degrees F along the coast and over 97 degrees in the mountains were ever reported for six days straight.

The high temperatures have caused record breaking electric use according to the Israel Electric Corporation, as the record for usage in May was set at 1:51 PM on Monday. In addition to record highs and electric usage, sadly, a 40-year-old man was found unconscious in his vehicle, and when Magen David Adom (MDA)paramedics arrived, there was no sign of life. They said, “We performed medical tests, he was without life signs and we had no other choice but to call his death.” Additionally, Israelis flocked to beaches for relief, “even though regulations to control the coronavirus forbid it. The beach re-openings are part of a phased plan Israel is undergoing after beating back local coronavirus infections.”

The forecast highs for local cities around the country are:

Tiberias: 113 Degrees F

Haifa: 104 Degrees F

Tel Aviv: 108 Degrees F

Jerusalem: 100 Degrees F

Beersheba: 109 Degrees F

Eilat: 113 Degrees F

Following a battle with the coronavirus, now Israel battles record high heat. It will certainly be a long, hot next several days.

(Source: The Jerusalem Post)