Help is on the Way!

While a small country, Israel has been significantly impacted by the Novel Coronavirus. Currently, Israel has 8,018 people infected with COVID-19, with 48 deaths, and 477 people having recovered. Additionally, the specter of a lockdown looms for Israel, including Jerusalem, as the Passover holiday approaches.

News of a major shipment from China of much needed equipment has come from El Al Airlines. The first flight is scheduled to arrive Monday. “Eleven airplanes containing millions of pieces of medical equipment, including ventilators, face masks, and protective suits to contend with the coronavirus outbreak will arrive in Israel from China in the coming days, the defense ministry said Sunday. The ministry said it coordinated the effort alongside the Foreign Ministry, El Al, and Israel Chemicals.”

This will bring much needed hope and help to Israeli citizens who are set to begin celebrating Passover in seclusion and quarantine. President Reuven Rivlin remarked in a video conference with Jewish leaders from six countries, “This Pesach (Passover) will be very different from all other Passover holidays. Rather than gathering with family and friends, we will all follow the guidelines of social distancing. Despite this, our values of mutual responsibility and of passing on our traditions from generation to generation will continue. No modern-day plague can break the chain that stretches back to the exodus and binds our people together. Now, more than ever, I feel that we are one family, with a shared history, shared values and a shared destiny.”

Words of hope from President Rivlin and much needed help for Israel from China. Now, more than ever, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for relief from COVID-19.

(Source: Times of Israel)