Helping a Neighbor

The small African state of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, has great physical needs. With a population of just over one million people, it has been impacted by two world illnesses, AIDS and the Coronavirus. The nation suffers from “the highest COVID-19 death rates in Africa and the highest HIV prevalence in the world. Nearly 40 percent of the population live on $1.90 per day.”

With Israel’s success in the COVID-19 vaccination, the Tel-Aviv based non-profit, IsrAid, has launched its first mission to assist poor countries build their COVID-19 program. The organization’s seven member team came to Eswatini at the invitation of the government. Work for the team began almost immediately upon their arrival. Team member Molly Bernstein explains: “Israel’s success story has already reached here and people welcome our efforts. We’re seeing exactly what the local health system looks like so we can leverage its capabilities to ensure the best possible vaccine rollout.”

The team will be in the country for two weeks, and the mission is funded by South Africa based Jewish billionaire, Nathan Kirsh, a citizen of Eswatini.

Once again Israel’s value of life and helping your neighbor leads them to assist in combating the COVID pandemic outside their own borders, like in Eswatini.

(Source: The Times of Israel)