Hezbollah Infiltrates Israel

Lebanese terror group Hezbollah set up a terrorist outpost in Israel sometime in the past few weeks. Hezbollah stationed eight armed terrorists in two tents in Har Dov, just over the Israeli border and across from an Israeli military base.

According to U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the terrorist group is forbidden from operating anywhere near the frontier.  But Hezbollah has found ways around this rule. In May, Israel’s Foreign Ministry stated that Hezbollah had constructed at least 27 military posts along the Blue Line, the demarcation separating Israel and Lebanon, over the past year. The posts were justified as an act of Green without Borders, a Hezbollah-affiliated organization posing as an environmental NGO.

It feels as if Israel’s enemies are closing in more than ever. The pressure mounts as Hezbollah infiltrates the Jewish state and terror attacks continue. Yet another terror attack, one that left at least four Israelis dead on Tuesday, adds to the growing sense that Israel has a security problem despite its impressive defense forces. Despite the IDF’s best efforts, the hateful violence carried out against Israelis stresses the need to deal swiftly and strongly with enemies like Hezbollah who have shamelessly continued to murder Israelis.