Hezbollah War Looming for Israel?

Last Wednesday (12th), Hezbollah fired approximately 250 rockets at northern Israel in response to the IDF’s assassination of senior Hezbollah official Sami Taleb Abdullah. On Wednesday (19th), Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened that if Israel responds and launches an offensive against Hezbollah, it risks opening a larger war. While Hezbollah has already bombarded Israel with 5,000 rockets, missiles, and drones since October 7, Nasrallah vows greater attacks from other members of the Iranian-backed “axis of resistance.”

Israel faces great danger at the prospect of a two-front war in the north and south. The Jewish nation’s allies must help contain Hezbollah and prevent them from carrying out these threats. But in light of Abdullah’s assassination, Nasrallah “understands that he would be next in line to die if a full-scale war breaks out.” Both Israel and Hezbollah have much to lose should a legitimate war break out between the two. Hopefully Hezbollah will tread lightly for long enough that Israel can take care of the Hamas problem in the south to ensure security and a path to peace and order in Gaza.