Hezbollah’s Rocket Kills 1, Wounds 8 in Northern Israel

Hezbollah terrorists launched a rocket from Lebanon into a building in the northern Israeli city of Safed today, killing one and wounding eight others. The rocket killed IDF Staff Sgt. Omer Sarah Benjo, whose body was found under the rubble of damaged buildings. A second rocket struck elsewhere in Safed, with no casualties reported. The IDF reported that its “fighter jets began an extensive wave of attacks in Lebanese territory” this afternoon.

While Israel fights a war in the south with Gaza, its enemies in the north have no intention of giving the IDF a break. Hezbollah, Hamas’s close Lebanese ally and backer in its war with Israel, sees Israel’s southern-focused attention as an opportunity to strike powerfully in the north. Thankfully, the IDF has not let its guard down against Hezbollah and is already on the attack in response.