Hope in the Shadow of War

Over the past two weeks, rocket strikes have rained down on Israel more frequently than usual. Citizens are devastated, living in constant fear of even the smallest unusual sound, worrying that it could mean their deaths. Children suffer most of all. Their childhood innocence is robbed and replaced with unending concerns that a rocket might take their homes or their lives at any moment. That’s why Boomerang – Fighting for Israel’s mission to provide Israeli children in bomb shelters with board games was so impactful. They brought joy to many children and captured the happy moments on video, which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g08f5ZvdTdg.

When you hear about the rocket strikes in Israel, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Naturally it’s probably something to do with the government or the soldiers or the men and women of Israel—but not the children. Many think of Israel in terms of war more than in terms of the only home that so many children know, and their youth is being stripped away and replaced by fear of a violent fate. Boomerang – Fighting for Israel has chosen to focus its time and resources on these often neglected children in a simple, practical, loving way: by providing board games. It’s a great way to divert their attention from the threat of war to the joy of fun times with friends and family. As rockets continue to rain down, please keep Israel in your prayers and think of these children who may now have a reason to smile despite their surroundings.