How the Light Blade Is Saving Israel

Hamas has ramped up their attacks on Israel in recent weeks. Their current method of attack is the incendiary balloon, which terrorists release from Gaza until it floats into Israeli land, igniting and starting fires. Historically there has been very little in the way of defense against these attacks. That’s why Israel’s “Lahav Or” laser system, also called “Light Blade,” is so revolutionary.

The Light Blade is like a video game, but it has enormous ramifications, according to Border Police Sgt. Maj. Meni Shalom, who operates the system, Israel Hayom reported. “It takes patience, concentration and coordination to operate the system,” Shalom said. “In a second, you could see 15 balloons in front of you at once, and in seconds you need to decide which of them could be the first to cross the fence.” 

It’s had fantastic results. Having intercepted and shot down 150 balloons in 10 days, the system has nearly a 100 percent success rate. It’s a key defense tool against a threat that has “burned tens of thousands of acres of open land, nature reserves, and parks and fields,” according to Its laser doesn’t interfere with airspace, making it safe to use in conjunction with the Israel Defense Forces.

The Light Blade embodies two of Israel’s best areas of expertise: technology and defense. Israel has stopped various forms of attacks from its enemies for decades, but these arson balloons have wreaked havoc on Israeli land. This laser system is both a testament to Israel’s technological talent and a timely tool against their attackers. Hopefully the Light Blade will continue to snuff out this form of terror completely in the ever-present struggle Israel’s enemies force upon the Jewish state.