Immigration to Israel Is Skyrocketing

Israel has become a hotspot for immigration in 2021. According to data developed by a team led by Nefesh B’Nefesh, about 5,000 new immigrants from the United States and Canada will immigrate to Israel by the end of 2021, reported. Israel’s immigration rates are up across the board, with 1,171 North American immigrants having arrived since January, which is 95% higher over the same time period in 2020 and 22% higher than in 2019. COVID-19 is a significant factor in the immigration increase: Nefesh B’Nefesh received 14,022 immigration requests in 2020, more than triple the total in 2019 (4,582).

What a blessing to see how many people love Israel so much that they want to uproot their lives to live in the Holy Land! Making Aliyah, Jewish immigration back to the Land of Israel, is a revered act for any Jewish person. It’s exciting to see that this fire is as strong as ever and that the chaos of COVID only led to an even greater increase in immigration. Their love for Israel is a great blessing for the nation, one that we’re always thankful to see.