Importance of Hebron

In a rare visit to Hebron, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that a Jewish presence will remain in the city of the Patriarchs. Netanyahu was there to commemorate the 1929 Hebron massacre, when certain members of the Arab community killed 67 Jewish people, which lead to a Jewish exodus from the significant Biblical city. 

Hebron is the second most holy city to the Jewish people. It’s the city where Abraham, Isaac, Esau, and Jacob are buried along with their wives. Hebron is in the West Bank and remains a contentious city for Israelis to reside according to the international community. However, as Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “They were sure that they could kick us out for good,” referring to the 1929 Hebron massacre, “but they made a serious mistake. Hebron must remain a vital part of Israeli history and culture.” Nothing will scare Israel from staying rooted to their ancient history.

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