Improved Relations

In 2014 Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom created tensions between her office and Israel. She “repeatedly enraged Israel starting with Sweden’s recognition of a Palestinian state shortly after she took office in October, 2014.” Her tenure created significant conflict between Sweden and Israel.

However, in a recent phone call between current Swedish Foreign Minister had a far different result. “Ann Linde condemns terrorism and backs Israel’s security.” Her desire to wish Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid “Shana Tova and emphasize the importance of our bi-lateral relationship” prompted her call. The first such contact between the two nations top diplomats in seven years.

Minister Lapid responded, “I appreciate her statement regarding Sweden’s strong and solid commitment to the security of Israel and her recognition in the course of our conversation of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.” Both are eager for “increased cooperation with Sweden on bilateral and multilateral issues.”

An encouraging development from Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde. Hopefully, these ties will strengthen between the two countries.

(Source: Times of Israel)