In Israel Women Move Up!

Israel has long rightly held the title of “Startup Nation.” That reputation added another evidence, as this year MasterCard has awarded Israel the top country for female entrepreneurs. For the first time in its four-year existence MasterCard has ranked Israel the leading nation for female entrepreneurs. A year before Israel ranked fourth in the world in that category.  MasterCard explains what prompted the change: “The country has set out to double the number of its female entrepreneurs within two years and is setting out funding and network initiatives to do so,” the MasterCard report said. Women have borne the brunt of the pandemic both financially and in lost employment in 2020. “Women have been disproportionally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic-a staggering 87% of female business owners say they have been adversely affected.” Though the pandemic has had a damaging impact for women, it has also allowed some women to creatively and effectively lead like Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and Sanna Marin of Norway, who has currently an 85 % approval rating, an amazing fact since she is 34 years old. “She also leads a coalition and cabinet dominated by women.”

“The US, Switzerland, and New Zealand, came in second, third, and fourth this year, followed by Poland, UK, Canada, Sweden, Australia and Spain in the ranking of 58 global economies.” Israel has long championed the woman’s role in national and daily life, including the military. One post observed, “More women fly fighter jets in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia.”

What an amazing accomplishment to the Startup Nation, as they recognize the value and importance of female entrepreneurs. It is also a rebuke to the United Nations Economic and Social Council who two months ago voted 43 to 3 with 8 abstentions, resolved to condemn Israel for its treatment of Palestinian women. “Out of 20 items on the UN’s Economic and Social 2020 Agenda, only one-Item 16 against Israel-targeted a specific country.

Congratulations Israel on your recognition by MasterCard for your assistance to female entrepreneurs, expanding the influence of the Startup Nation. A welcome clarity in a confusing, chaotic 2020.

(Source: The Times of Israel; Shoshanna Solomon)