Iran Vows Revenge For Death of Top Nuclear Scientist

Iran vowed revenge for the assassination of its top nuclear scientist last month. The Islamic Republic was quick to blame Israel, raising the threat of a new confrontation between Tehran and the West. Iran’s parliament approved a bill suspending UN inspections of its nuclear facilities and required the government to boost its uranium enrichment if European countries connected to the Iran nuclear deal do not provide financial relief from oil and banking sanctions.

The Iran deal from five years ago has proven to be an absolute disaster. When you take a look, you can see that Iran never planned to unwind their nuclear aspirations. The death of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is proof. Israeli intelligence has kept a close eye on him for many years. In fact, Fakhrizadeh’s goal was to reduce the size of Iran’s nuclear warhead to fit them on long range cruise missiles that could go as far as Europe. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, about two years ago, called out Fakhrizadeh and noted him as a lead official on continuing Iran’s nuclear aspirations. Honestly, it’s a good thing that Fakhrizadeh is no longer in charge.

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