Iranian Flag Burning Factory

Videos from Iran that are shown on the news or online often show Iranians burning American or Israeli flags. However, under U.S. and International sanctions and Iran’s ban on contact with Israel, finding flags to burn can be a challenge. To get around this problem, a factory Southwest of Tehran was created for the sole purpose of making American and Israeli flags to be burned in protest. The flag company is reported to make around 2,000 American and Israeli flags per month.

I think it’s really important to know that this is not a joke. This is real. This was from the Washington Post and the only thing that came to my mind when I  read the article is that they’re burning a flag. And by burning a flag, you’re actually burning what that flag represents. And that flag represents a people and their values and their ideals. A flag is more than just a design. It’s a symbol that has deep cultural meaning. When Iranians burn American and Israeli flags, they are showing the world that they hate the people and the values those flags represent. For me, our flag represents the ideals the Iranian leadership refuse to accept. Ideals like liberty, justice, and freedom. So let’s hope those freedom-loving Iranians rise up to change the direction of this incredibly oppressed country.

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