Iran’s View of the US Election

Iran has suffered under the crippling sanctions of the United States. Their view of the elections on November 3 is very simple: “Iran’s foreign ministry said, More than the result of the elections we will wait on the actions of whoever is president.” While saying they do not favor a candidate, the Iranian officials favor a return to the Nuclear accord that President Trump removed the United States from. Interestingly, Vice-President Biden has asserted that he would use the 2015 Nuclear accords as a starting point for “follow-up negotiations with Tehran.”

Meanwhile, the same attitude toward the US continues from Iran, as they both desire to restore the nuclear accord, while still distrusting and despising the United States. “The message of the Iranian peoples fight against the US… is distrust of the US.”

With the US elections coming up quickly, Tuesday, November 3, and possibly several days after, the Iranian leaders will keep an eye on who wins the election: the re-election of President Donald J. Trump, who imposed and expanded the sanctions. Or Vice-President Joe Biden who has said that he would use the accord for follow-up negotiations with Iran. It sounds like Iran really does have a favorite in the US elections, and it’s not the re-election of President Trump.

(Source: The Times of Israel)