Israel Alone Will Choose Its Iran Response

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel will decide for itself how to respond to Iran’s unprecedented attack of more than 300 missiles and drones last Saturday (13th). 

“I thank our friends for supporting Israel’s defense—support both in words and in deeds,” he told government ministers. “They also have all kinds of suggestions and advice. I appreciate those, but I want to make it clear: We will make our own decisions, and the State of Israel will do everything necessary to defend itself.”

Israel’s Western allies have stressed de-escalation to avoid expanding the conflict into a regional war, but they also largely recognize Israel’s sovereignty and right to make its own decisions.

The response of Israel’s allies demonstrates the magnitude of the current Middle East situation. Iran’s attack could easily become the driving catalyst for a large-scale war. Many countries are urging Israel to practice restraint because such a war could drag in the manpower and resources of many nations, from the United States to the United Kingdom to Germany and France. It’s in the best interest of those nations to minimize and contain the conflict.

But the call is ultimately Israel’s. To ensure security, no nation should be told to take a punch without having the opportunity to respond. Israel will weigh the consequences of both attack and restraint, and other nations must trust Israel to act wisely.