Israel and COVID

A brief snapshot of Israel’s challenge and success combating COVID-19.

Total Cases: 838,084
Total Active Cases: 1,720
Serious Cases: 150
Deaths: 6,352
“Israel recently recorded only 38 new COVID cases, the lowest daily tally in a year.”

Israel’s Vaccination Progress:

First Vaccination: 5,383,569
Second Vaccination: 5,017,870
“Despite COVID’s ebb, Israel is among 116 countries added to the US ‘Do Not Travel’ List. The inclusion on the State Department’s Level Four list appears to be from “US policy to lump Israel with the West Bank and Gaza.”

Finally, Total Global Covid Impact numbers:

Total Global COVID Cases: 148,342,377
Total Global Recovered Cases: 125,883,692
Total Global Deaths: 3,129,820

What a reminder of how fragile and temporal life is. It flies, as David said, “faster than a weaver’s shuttle.” It passes away as fast as a flower and a blade of grass.

(Source: The Times of Israel)