Israel at War: Week 19

With so much happening in Israel currently, here’s four significant stories from today’s news feed for your information.

1. War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz: RELEASE THE HOSTAGES BY RAMADAN

He stated, “For those who claim the price [of an offensive] is too high, I say this very clearly- Hamas has a choice, they can surrender, release the hostages, and the citizens of Gaza will be able to celebrate the holy holiday of Ramadan.” If they do not, then he says Israel will expand its offensive into Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold, which also has “over one million displaced Palestinians.”

2. The Israel Economy Loses 20%

Israel’s war battered economy experienced the sharpest decline since the second quarter of 2020 during the COVID related lockdown. However there are signs of a recovery as “reservists return home and economic activity has begun to recover as rocket fire from Gaza on Israeli cities has trailed off, though only some of that gradual recovery is reflected in the new numbers.”

3. Israel Attacks Sites in Lebanon and Iran

The Israel Air Force struck targets belonging to Hezbollah near the southern coastal city of Sidon. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attack in the Lower Galilee prompted the attack. The drone attack, “an explosive laden drone struck an open field near the northern Israel town of Arbel.”

In a related incident Israel struck Iranian infrastructure targets, attacking “major gas pipelines disrupting gas flow to millions of Iranians.”

4. The Dismissal of MK For Siding Against Israel Fails

The Knesset experienced a rare attempt to force a Knesset Minister out of office failed today, as the needed ninety votes fell short, as 85 votes in favor out of a needed 90 were cast. The action came because Ofer sided with the Arab Party at the International Court of Justice accusing Israel of genocide.

Please continue to pray for, and stand with, Israel in this time of war. Until the hostages are brought home and the hostilities cease.

(Source: The Times of Israel)