Israel at War: Week 3


The United States leaders, Secretary of State Blinken and President Biden have both given lip service to Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza to eliminate Hamas. However, when Secretary Blinken met with the War Cabinet, he put severe restrictions on Israel, allegedly that receiving military aid, including bunker buster bombs, is conditioned upon Israel allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza. No aid-No weaponry. Additionally, Secretary Blinken yesterday said that Israel must specify who will govern Gaza after the campaign. Both Blinken and President Biden have urged Israel to limit civilian casualties, which Israel’s military already does, and delay the Gaza incursion allowing negotiations for the hostages to advance.

As Israel’s ally, we appear to be tying their hands to do what we initially agreed needed to be done, eliminate Hamas. A clear case of doublespeak.


The number of hostages Hamas holds has increased to 222 people confirmed. There is known abuse happening to them, including torture. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari reported. “He said the number includes a not insignificant number of foreign nationals and it has taken time for them to be identified and their families notified.”


Since the attacks Israelis have begun to assist in the war effort by housing refugees who lost their homes to donating medical supplies. On a base in the Golan Heights, musicians have gathered and a large barbecue has been prepared to bring relief and refreshment to the soldiers during this intense time.

The military awaits, with concern, “as the IDF pressures the cabinet to okay the Gaza incursion. Continue to pray for and stand with Israel at this critical time.

Should you desire to help Israel financially at this time you may do so online at or call 800-257-7843.

Thank you!

(Source: The Times of Israel)