Israel at War: Week 4


Hamas captured Private Ori Megidish on October 7. In a rescue action combining the services of Shin Bet and the IDF last night, they freed her and she has returned to her family. It appears she was held alone, though other members of her unit were possibly taken also on October 7. No further details will be released so future operations would not be harmed.

From Prime Minister Netanyahu welcoming Ori home to Israel: “We congratulate the IDF and Shin Bet for this important and moving achievement, which shows our commitment to bringing all our hostages home.”

Minister Benny Gantz: “Israel continues to work tirelessly to return the hostages being held in Gaza. We will continue to make every effort, by every means, to bring home our girls and boys.”


Prior to a Defense Cabinet Meeting, the Prime Minister indicated that the IDF has entered the Gaza Strip and expanding its activity. “It is doing it in measured, very powerful steps, making systematic progress one step at a time.”

Rear Admiral Hagari reports, “Overnight, troops eliminated dozens of terrorists who barricaded themselves in buildings and tried to attack forces moving in their direction.” He added, “The fight is ongoing.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)


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