Israel Discovers Link to COVID-19 and Immune Cells

Israeli scientists from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel, think they know why the coronavirus is more severe for some, but mild for others. The answer according to Amir Giladi is that the lungs of the worst affected patients become riddled with immune cells that increase the virus’s impact instead of fighting it. So essentially our very own bodies fight against us. This research can be very helpful in finding a cure for those whose bodies are overwhelmed by these harmful immune cells.

The Weizmann Institute, where they are finding out this information is named after Israel’s first President Chaim Weizmann. The Weizmann Institute is a world renowned institute of science that produced one of the earliest computers, drugs to fight cancer and the flu, and the ability to even repair heart tissue after a heart attack. These are just to name a few. God has blessed the Jewish state, and in turn, they will bless us.

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