Israel Faced With Multiple Terror Attacks

Israel’s enemies are closing in. Iran was identified as the aggressor in a drone strike on an Israeli-managed tanker in Oman last Thursday that left one British and one Romanian crew member dead. Fortunately the attack on Israel’s security stirred a positive response among world powers, including the United States, Britain, and Russia, who gave Israel the green light to fight back, according to Israel Hayom.

Yesterday brought more violence to Israel, this instance more familiar and closer to home. Three rockets were launched from Lebanon toward Israeli land, two of which landed in open fields near Kiryat Shmona and one of which set a fire, reported. The IDF quickly responded with artillery fire on the rocket launch sites. Though no Israelis were injured, four were treated for shock, and residents in the north remained in their bomb shelters for about an hour.

It’s not at all uncommon for Israel to have to fend off attacks from Lebanon or Iran. So the past week’s activities from their hostile enemies aren’t surprising; they’re just aggravating for a defense ministry that is overworked already. Let’s pray for the IDF to find renewed energy to respond to these unending threats and that they might get a respite soon.