Israel Fights Coronavirus

Currently, Israel has 1,238 citizens infected with COVID-19. Of those, 24 citizens are seriously ill, while 15 are moderately ill. As a result Prime Minister Netanyahu is considering a stricter tightening of the lockdown. (Times of Israel)

Arie Even, 88, a Holocaust survivor, became Israel’s first Coronavirus fatality. He immigrated to Israel from Hungary in 1949. He contracted the disease, along with staff and other residents at a nursing home. His son said, “He was a beloved and dear man, lived a full life, and showed strength until his very last moments. We lament that he had to spend his last moments without his family by his side.” (Haaretz)

Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, praised Prime Minister for his warning ‘to wake up and fo something’, because he needed to take the health situation seriously. He acted, enacting a strict stay at home policy, with much of its economy shut down. (Breaking Israel News)

In addition to dealing with the Coronavirus, political strife continues in Israel with attempts to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu. Pray for God to bring peace, health, and resolve in the midst of this turbulent time.

(Various Sources)