Israel Helps Africa with Ventilator Blueprints

As coronavirus continues to spread globally, the need for ventilators is critical in developing countries. Currently, the entire continent of Africa has just 2,000 working machines. An Israeli do-it-yourself ventilator blueprint is currently being used to help Africa. The engineers of the blueprints come from Israeli tech, military and medical sectors, and they believe their blueprint can produce a ventilator for as little as $500.

The state of Israel has more ventilators than the entire continent of Africa, so it’s amazing to think that these Israelis are actually providing blueprints that are open source. This means that they are free. Any builder can take these Israeli blueprints and produce an inexpensive ventilator. These Israeli inventors are asking for no money at all, they only want to help those that need the ventilators the most. The blueprints were downloaded 19,000 times in the first hour and more than 300 teams are currently building prototypes from these blueprints. I just want to say thank you to Israel and to all those involved in helping those who are in need.

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