Israel in Second Lockdown

Israel’s government imposed its second national lockdown last Friday amid rising COVID cases. Under the new rules, nearly all businesses will be closed with the exception of those deemed essential. Certain Orthodox rabbis are encouraging the Israeli community to honor one of Israel’s most high Holy days, Yom Kippur, at home.

Israelis are not excited about this at all. Remember, we usually think in terms of the United States. The U.S. is a large country. We have freedom to move around between the states. Israel on the other hand, is extremely small and they typically don’t travel to neighboring countries. The only way for Israelis to get out of Israel is by flying.

Israel is taking this very seriously, and they should. Prime Minister Netanyahu is taking steps to make sure the rising number of COVID cases don’t become a national disaster. His critics on the other hand, believe he is attempting to silence protestors who have been outside his residence protesting his corruption charges, economic issues, and his handling of the pandemic. As we pray for our nations, let’s remember to lift our Israeli friends up as well.

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