Israel & India Developing Quick COVID Test

A 30-second coronavirus detection test is being developed by Israel and India. Israeli ambassador to India Ron Malka said he believes the testing kit will help the world open back up since the technology simply requires a person to blow into a tube and the results become available in less than a minute. It’s also very cheap to carry out as the results are delivered locally without the logistics and costs of sending the sample to a lab. Malka said it would be good news for the entire world. 

A lot of specialists say the one thing that we need to really help the world open back up is a broader span of testing. Testing needs to happen and it needs to be quick. Israel and India working together, collaborating together to bring that great technology to the world is thanks to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was only two years ago that he met with India’s Prime Minister Modi to open ties between the two countries, and today, they are advancing a test that could change how we deal with coronavirus globally. So kudos to both countries for their hard work to tackle this virus head-on so we all can begin reopening.

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