Israel Pre-Orders Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines

Israel has pre-ordered 1-2 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines currently in clinical trials in the United States, pending their approval by both countries’ health regulators. Israeli born Dr. Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, is “awed” by the results of the test and said once the vaccine receives FDA approval, some of the first doses will go to Israel as agreed upon last June. 

Coronavirus isn’t going to disappear by locking down and hiding in our homes. Coronavirus isn’t going to “evaporate” by wearing masks and socially distancing. These are all great precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but the virus will not vanish until a vaccine is administered. It really is the silver bullet to this virus nightmare we’re all living through together. I’m thankful skilled Israeli Doctor Tal Zaks gives his thumbs up approval to the coming vaccines and let’s pray that it puts to rest this relentless virus. 

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