Israel Receives Stockpiles of Potential Virus-Fighting Drug

The Israeli government announced the arrival of enormous shipments of supplies for fighting coronavirus, including 2.4 million pills of chloroquine, a drug touted by President Trump to cure coronavirus. Israeli doctors don’t endorse giving hydroxychloroquine to patients, but the government is accumulating stockpiles to avoid an international race on pills should its effectiveness be proven.

Whether certain Israeli doctors used hydroxychloroquine or not to treat COVID-19, the stockpile of the drug is a smart move by the Israeli government. As Moran-Gilad, a Professor at Ben-Gurion University of Negev said this, “In a few weeks time if there is official data to show it is beneficial, it will be very difficult to secure the drug.” So if it’s proven that hydroxychloroquine stops the lethal coronavirus, Israel will be well equipped to take care of those whose immune systems couldn’t handle the deadly virus itself.

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