Israel Seeks Defense Cooperation with Arab Nations

After an incredible peace deal with Morocco, the fourth Arab nation to agree to such a deal with Israel this year, military cooperation with its regional neighbors appears to be next on Israel’s agenda. Yesterday, Moshe Patel, the head of Israel’s missile program in the Defense Ministry, spoke of his interest in working with Gulf Arab countries on missile defense. “From an engineering point of view, of course there is a lot of advantage,” said Patel. “That information can be shared, like sensors that can be deployed in both countries because we have the same enemies.” In October, Israel’s Globes business newspaper learned that several Gulf states were interested in purchasing electronic missile defense systems from Israel, according to

This cooperation is another great sign of Israel’s neighbors learning that they don’t have to avoid the Jewish state like the plague. Israel is not a vengeful oppressor trying to strike down nations that oppose them. That title belongs to Iran. Arab nations are getting tired of Iran trying to bully them in repeated power plays to gain a stranglehold over the Middle East. The curtain is being pulled back on Iran’s evil intentions, and the Middle East is starting to take notice. These potential joint defense efforts should lead to greater defenses against the domineering Iran, and Israel could very well pick up a few more allies in the process—a win for Israel and a win for the region.