Israel Sends Workers for Recovery Efforts From Devastating Earthquakes

The catastrophic earthquakes that devastated Turkey and Syria on Monday morning have left thousands dead. As more information is gathered, the death toll now sits above 11,000 and will continue to rise, with some estimating a final total of 20,000 dead, as recovery efforts progress.

Israel is stepping in to help its neighbors from the north. Today the IDF is sending a delegation of 230 medical professionals to Turkey to establish a field hospital. This team will join with the 150 Israeli soldiers already in the area to aid with search and rescue efforts.

Israel is adept at prioritizing humanitarian efforts, especially in times of crisis. Though Israel’s relationships with Turkey and Syria are often fragile, the Jewish nation demonstrated its commitment to compassion, wasting no time offering crucial help to recover from a terrible tragedy. We pray for the thousands of heartbroken, displaced, and traumatized families suffering from these earthquakes and ask God to bring healing to a hurting region.