Israel to Send Vaccines to Palestinians

Times of Israel reports, Israel plans to transfer some 1 million Pfizer vaccine doses to the Palestinians to help them with their floundering coronavirus vaccination campaign. In a statement, the prime minister’s office said it would transfer doses that are about to expire. And that in exchange in September and October, Israel would receive shipments of Pfizer vaccines that were originally meant to go to the Palestinians.

Israel is always under scrutiny for the way they manage the Palestinian people, especially during times of crisis. The Palestinian leadership do all that they possibly can to disenfranchise the Israeli people and the Israeli government. But in times of need, Israel, they believe, should foot the bill and take care of them, especially when they are under pressure. Prime minister Bennett is doing the right thing to show compassion to the Palestinian people, whose leadership is more concerned with slamming Israel than actually caring for its people.

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