Israeli Organization Saves Ukrainian Child’s Eyesight

Mykhailo Shpak, a seven-year-old Ukrainian boy diagnosed with an aggressive form of retinopathy, was in danger of becoming blind. As his parents desperately searched for medical care that could save his sight, they came across Corridor–Israeli Aid for Ukraine. This private organization was created quickly following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a means of saving Ukrainians and bringing medicine and aid into the heart of war-ravaged areas. Corridor quickly arranged for Mykhailo to be flown to Israel and undergo surgery—free of charge. He was examined in Israel at Sheba’s Goldschleger Eye Institute, where doctors are currently caring for him. Corridor has already helped more than 3,500 Ukrainians in the weeks since the Russian invasion.

Many Israelis have taken special interest in the plight of the Ukrainians since Russia began its attacks. That’s probably because Israel knows how Ukrainians feel, having been the target of violence from powerful enemies many times before. Two Israelis, Oran Singer and Shaked Goldstein, are responsible for creating Corridor–Israeli Aid for Ukraine; and this act of saving young Mykhailo’s eyesight is just one of thousands of lives they’ve saved or cared for through their efforts. If this case is any indication, this organization is worth keeping an eye on, as their humanitarian efforts shine brightly against the ugly backdrop of war in Eastern Europe.