Israeli Scientists Look at Existing Drugs to Fight COVID

Israeli scientists say they have identified three existing drugs that have good prospects as COVID-19 treatments, reporting that they illustrated high ability to fight the virus in lab tests. Professor Isaiah Arkin, The Hebrew University biochemist behind the research, told The Times of Israel that the results showed that the drug can protect cells from the onslaught by the virus with close to 100% effectiveness. The drugs that they’re looking at treat heart issues, cancer, and HIV as well.

COVID vaccines are helping to fight against the coronavirus, but it’s not going to get rid of the virus. We need a drug for those times that the vaccines fail. And when they do fail, these drugs could help those who are suffering. Israeli scientists are hard at work on not only looking at these existing drugs, but even creating other drugs like EXO-CD24, which is currently in trials in Greece and in other areas of Europe, a medication that Benjamin Netanyahu himself called “a miracle drug.”

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