Israeli Wins Olympic Gold in Men’s Gymnastics

Israeli men’s gymnast Artem Dolgopyat took home the Olympic gold medal in floor exercise, giving Israel its second ever gold in any Olympic event. Dolgopyat was born in Ukraine and he moved with his family to Israel when he was 12 and began training at Maccabi Tel Aviv, an acclaimed sports club that has produced multiple Olympians. Prior to this year, the only gold medal ever won by an Israeli was Gal Fridman in 2004 for windsurfing.

Congratulations to Artem for his hard work and diligence. Prime minister Naftali Bennett summed up this moment for Israel perfectly in a phone call to the gold medal winner saying, “Thank you, Artem. You have made blue and white history.” Bennett added, “The win caused great pride and excitement to all Israelis.”

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