Israel’s Enemies Show Their True Colors

As Israelis continue to live in fear of the war surrounding them, news of attacks and threats against Jewish people constantly emerge.

Jewish students at Cornell University recently received a string of threats of murder and sexual violence on Cornell’s discussion forum. One alarming message reads, “if you see a jewish ‘person’ on campus, follow them home and slit their throats. rats need to be elimination from Cornell [sic].” 

Another post read, “the genocidal fascist zionist regime will be destroyed. rape and kill all the jew women, before they birth more jewish hitlers. jews are excrement on the face of the earth. no jew civilian is innocent of genocide [sic].” A third message contained a threat to “shoot up” the campus’s kosher dining hall.

On the battlefield, Israel’s prospects are improving. The Israel Defense Forces has struck 11,000 Hamas targets since war began less than a month ago. But Jewish people in Israel and around the world still must endure a war they never wanted to enter. They face enemies with nothing but brutality on their minds. 

Hamas operative Omar Abu Rusha, who carried out murderous attacks in Israel on October 7, shed light on Hamas’s intentions. He said he was told “that all the settlers were soldiers” and “to kill every person [he saw].” He and his group fired indiscriminately at men, women, and children, killing many.

Abu Rusha’s account, like the threats Jewish students face at Cornell, demonstrates the relentless danger Jewish people face around the world because of Hamas’s attacks. Our prayer and support of Israel is as essential as ever, so we must continue to stand boldly with the nation and the Jewish people as they face inhumane evil.