Israel’s Laser Defense Breakthrough

Israel’s Ministry of Defense has developed a breakthrough in military technology: a solid-state laser source that can intercept rockets and missiles. This laser will work alongside the Iron Dome as a ground-based defense. In development since 2006, the laser may be cost-effective, too; the cost of each laser shot is insignificant once the optics, mechanics, and laser source are produced. As long as electricity is available, the interceptor is virtually inexhaustible, according to The Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

It’s pretty cool to see sci-fi tech become a reality! This is especially good timing given the Trump administration’s Middle East Peace Plan. The Palestinian Authority’s hostile reaction to the deal could very easily lead to further violence against Israel. This laser may be just the defense mechanism the highly capable IDF needs to stay one step ahead of its attackers. Hopefully, the laser will be ready in time to protect against an inevitable, vicious attack from Israel’s aggressive neighbors. 

If you haven’t read The Friends of Israel’s statement on the peace plan, you can do so here: