Israel’s “Miracle Drug”

The Jerusalem Post reports the largest hospital in Greece will take part in clinical trials of an Israeli treatment for COVID-19. During the press conference, Netanyahu held up a vial he dubbed the “miracle drug” adding, “If you’re infected by corona and are seriously ill and have a lung problem, take this, inhale it, and you will come out feeling good.”

The trial phase of this drug is incredibly promising. 29 out of 30 mild to severe cases of COVID-19 were cured within three days, and just a few days later, all 30 were cured. Israel, which is a great test subject for what the vaccine can do globally, is seeing a 94% decline in COVID-19 cases because of the vaccine. So the vaccine is vital, but there’s still a small chance that you could catch coronavirus after your inoculation. This “miracle drug,” as Benjamin Netanyahu called it, will help those the vaccine couldn’t protect. It doesn’t surprise me one bit, as someone who follows Israeli technology and Israeli medicine, that this new drug was developed In Israel.

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