Israel’s Opinion Polls Take Media Center Stage

As Israel heads into its fifth election in just three years, the Times of Israel reports that opinion polls are back in the news. The first polls recently released provide a picture of the number of seats each party can expect to win if the election were held today.

At the top of the list is former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party with 34.7 seats, and trailing Likud by 13 seats is Yesh Atid, the party of current Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

I personally believe Netanyahu’s party will continue to win elections. The early polling data shows his party leaving others in the dust. But the real question that remains is whether Netanyahu has enough friends in the parliament to form a governing block. There’s no doubt he is still the most powerful politician in Israel, but is he the most liked? We’ll have to wait until November 1st to find out.

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