“It Works”

“It works,” reports the Times of Israel. Maccabi Healthcare Services has vaccinated a half a million Israelis, with both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and the stats show that only 544 people or 0.1% have been subsequently diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

There have been four severe cases and no people have died. Israel is currently leading the world in Coronavirus vaccine immunizations. More than 60% of Israelis have been vaccinated already.

This means the effectiveness rate for this vaccine in Israel stands at 93%. Israel is a perfect country to run stats and tests like this. They’re extremely efficient in distributing the vaccine and they’re a small country, which means they have a smaller population, and that helps them collect adequate data for testing.

I’d also like to add, on top of this vaccine, there’s been reports that a new immunotherapy is coming out that will help cure the Coronavirus. With these new statistics that are coming out of Israel, it’s looking really promising. I think Israel is showing us this vaccine is promising and we’re continuing to pray for the light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

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