It’s On…Again!

Over the past few weeks Israeli Defense forces have engaged terrorists in Jenin in combat. Following serious terror attacks, including the deaths of four border soldiers, the expected military response occurred last week, as it attacked terror groups, including the terror group Jenin Brigade, in Jenin.

The military began the “widest military operation in Jenin in twenty years.” Defense Minister Gallant reported following an assessment of the operation with military chief Lieutenant-General Herzi Halevi, “The operation is progressing as planned, as in the past few hours we dealt a heavy blow to the terror operations in Jenin and managed to record impressive operational achievements. The troops will receive full support to to do whatever is necessary and to operate on the ground and in the air in order to protect the citizens of Israel and preserve full freedom of action throughout the West Bank.” In fact, the military campaign has received support from opposition political leaders. Former IDF military chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said, “We are all one front against terror. Every determined and responsible operation will receive full support.

A force of over 1,000 IDF soldiers is involved in the operation and air support as well. So far there have been 12 Palestinian deaths and at least 100 wounded. The military has been given great latitude in the operation with the aim of the operation being “to change the situation in the city.” Hopefully, this operation will achieve its stated aim of bringing a changed situation to Jenin, long a hotbed of terror and violence toward Israel.

(Source: from 7/4/2023; Israel Video Network; Emanuel Fabian, Times of Israel)