Jewish Population Grows in 5781

The Jewish Agency for Israel released statistics that place the global Jewish population at 15.2 million in the new Hebrew calendar year 5782, which began this week with Rosh Hashanah celebrated the past 2 days. Last year, 5781, the number stood at 15.1 million. Jewish people living in Israel increased from 6.8 million to 6.9 million this year, while the number in the Diaspora (those living outside Israel) is at 8.3. The majority of those are in the United States, estimated at about 6 million, while the next closest country, France, stands at 446,000. 

After such a difficult year for so many, it’s encouraging to know that the Jewish population has not taken a hit. In fact, it only continues to rise. With international travel being so limited in the past year, it would make sense that there would be fewer people making aliyah to Israel. Yet tens of thousands of new immigrants made aliyah and planted roots in the Jewish homeland in 5781, according to Israel Hayom. If this trend continues, we’ll be celebrating another Jewish increase next year at Rosh Hashanah!