Jewish Population Stats Released

Israel Central Bureau of Statistics recently released Jewish population stats. According to the CBS, there are 15.2 million Jewish people globally. Israel is home to 45% or 6.9 million. The United States is home to the next largest Jewish population with six million. Rounding out the rest of the field are France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Russia, Germany, and Australia.

Something to be noted is that only since 1948, when Israel declared their independence, have the Jewish people had a place to call their own, the Jewish state of Israel. Today, Israel has the largest Jewish population which is amazing. That’s taken place in less than 100 years. But on top of that, it’s mind-boggling to think of all that the Jewish people have done to contribute to the world from science, mathematics, philosophy, to even our Western culture, which is all rooted in the Bible, God’s revelation to the Jewish people. Yet 15.2 million makes up less than 1% of the world’s population. It’s just a great reminder that God didn’t choose Israel because of their great size or power. No, instead He chose a small group of people to magnify His name so that the world may know the one true God through his Son, Jesus the Messiah.


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