Justin Trudeau Accuses Jewish Conservatives of ‘Standing with Swastikas’

Canada’s Parliament lost order among its members after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau replied to a member of Parliament by accusing members of the Conservative Party for “standing with people who wave swastikas.” After his comments, the House of Commons erupted in shouts. The Conservative Party demanded an apology for Trudeau’s incendiary comments.

Trudeau’s immature response was directed to Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, who is Jewish herself and the descendant of Holocaust survivors. She believes Trudeau is overstepping by invoking the Emergencies Act to stop the trucker blockade in the Ottawa protests. And his only response to this Jewish woman is that she’s associating herself with people who love swastikas. I know that we at Friends of Israel stand with MP Lantsman and the Canadians who deserve an apology from their prime minister.

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(source: worldisraelnews.com)